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Crazy Doctor! A game about a female doctor who fights viruses, drives an ambulance while avoiding incoming cars and fights grim reapers to protect a village! 

I am new to game development. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. 


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Hello! from a indie to another indie ima give you my honest opinion on this game. It started out pretty good but the side scrolling background have a sense of slowness and I felt as if I wasn't going fast enough. The enemy's were a pretty easy and there wasn't really any difficulty curve (even though the grim reapers took 2 hits). The art wasn't the best but its a start. Aside from all of that I am glad that you understand one thing many people starting out DONT understand, Game feel. And on that note I say that this is a great start and I hope to see more games from you. keep up the good work and good luck on your future projects.


Hello and thank you for the honest review! Can you answer a couple of questions for me, if you don't mind? In which point did you start feeling that sense of slowness? What is your opinion on the final boss? My friends have told me that it is very hard, but for me it is really easy. Maybe it is because I programmed it and I know how it ''thinks''. Although, it's not so complicated. I believe someone can figure it out. Also, what do you mean when you say that I understand game feel? Cheers, have a nice day!

Well it felt slow from the start of the game. I guess it was because of the background because it moved very slowly along side the long distance between enemy's and obstacles. the final boss was easy as I just had to spam the R attack. and the fact you have a death sound and particle effect is more then most beginners use. most beginners just have the enemy disappear and maybe a small death sound or something. you should study game feel more. hope this was helpful to you and good luck on your game and future games!



It really was helpful. Thanks again. I followed you as well. Cheers. 


I enjoyed this! It's short but functional and not bad at all for a first effort. Keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot!